Elizabeth Perrin

Creative Director

With uncompromising vision and an intuitive understanding of brand identity, Elizabeth Perrin has made forward-thinking creative direction the cornerstone of her work. Her sharp eye is sought after by brands both local and national, with clients ranging from luxury jewelry retailers to New Orleans tourism companies. Born on the Gulf Coast, Elizabeth blends her southern roots with over 25 years of experience in New York and Los Angeles, making her uniquely qualified to take on the particular creative challenges of businesses both large and small.

While Elizabeth’s specialty is the fashion industry—her client list is dotted with such names as Phillip Lim, Mignon Faget, Pelican Coast, Mandy Coon, Marion Cage, and Siki Im, among others—her unique voice and her talents for zeroing in on a brand’s essence are far-reaching. From creating concepts and mood boards to guiding final layouts and applications, Elizabeth views the process of creative direction holistically, leaving no detail unconsidered.

Years of collaborating with industry leaders including nationally lauded photographers, stylists, designers and models led Elizabeth to create FiftyTwo45—a multifaceted media brand and artist representation agency that showcases the best creative talent through its exclusive online platform, The Quarterly. The success of FiftyTwo45 illustrates Elizabeth’s vision as well as her inside-and-out knowledge of the industry—the same know-how and meticulous nature that Elizabeth brings to all her client work. With the introduction of The Marketplace, the brand undergoes its latest evolution, marrying content with ecommerce under the FiftyTwo45 umbrella. It is precisely this type of long-view that gives Elizabeth her reputation as a master of both broad strokes and details—a creative director with an unwavering adhesion to the big picture and constant, comprehensive attention to the minutia that can make or break a project. Because of this, Elizabeth’s approach is equal parts art and science.

Elizabeth has received recognition from the Los Angeles Chapter of Women in Film and the National Endowment for the Arts, and her films have been nominated across seven categories in the 2013 International Fashion Film Festival. Her work can be seen in publications including Vogue, Glamour, Style.com, LA Weekly and Spin Magazine. Elizabeth now brings this notoriety home to New Orleans, where she is the founder and creative director of FiftyTwo45.

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