FiftyTwo45 is a full-service talent & creative media agency based in New Orleans. Providing leading talent and creative professionals for the advertising, lifestyle and fashion industries, FiftyTwo45 works with a wide range of both local and national clients, from small businesses to international corporations.

The beauty of FiftyTwo45 is our flexibility; partnering with us gives you access to an agile team of creatives, ready to consult and assist on any aspect your project requires. From collaboration to content creation to full-scale project management, FiftyTwo45 can accommodate the needs of any assignment, no matter the scope.

The Quarterly by FiftyTwo45 is an online publication celebrating the creative in all of us. Full of inspiration, fresh perspective and exclusive content, The Quarterly publishes seasonal stories spanning the fields of fashion, beauty, culture, living, personalities, news and events. Since launching in October 2015, The Quarterly has engaged an audience of young, design-minded consumers with one eye on New Orleans and the other on the international stage. Always visualizing and constantly evolving, we are a community of people creating content that ignites the imagination and adds value to everyday life.

Clients include 2D Photo Productions, Adidas, Air Jordan, Ally Bank, Arcade Fire, AT&T, Beats by Dre, Beyoncé, Capital One, Coach, Coca-Cola, Columbia Records, Conde Nast, Crown Royal, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Esquire UK, Good Housekeeping, H&M, Iberia Bank, Jack Daniels, Kraft, Krewe, Lafayette 148, Lakeside Shopping Center, Legacy Marketing, Levi's, Man Repeller, Mango, Marion Cage, Metier De Beaute, Mignon Faget, NYLON, Opening Ceremony, OXOSI, Paris Parker Salons, Pelican Coast, Porter Lyons, Range Rover, Red Bulletin, Refinery29, Renaissance Publications, Riverwalk Outlets, Rubenstein's, Seventeen, Solange Knowles, Southern Living, Streeters, S Moda, Tales of The Cocktail, Teen Vogue, Thacker NYC, Time Out New York, Trumpet Advertising, Under Armour, W Magazine, Whittemore House and Zara, among others.



Real People Division

FiftyTwo45 is dedicated to furthering diversity in advertising and media by representing a wide variety of people.

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New editorial in The Quarterly, featuring work from Sophie Lin Berard, Christina Flannery,  Sarah Early, Lauren, Dylana, Collin.


Italian Elle

FiftyTwo45 special booking for Italian ELLE.

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