FiftyTwo45 is proud to partner with a diverse roster of acclaimed New Orleans photographers for assignments and advertorials. For each project, we carefully match our clients with an artist who specializes in the type of photography required, and has critical experience pertaining to the task at hand—whether your needs include environmental portraiture, fashion, lifestyle, food, interiors, or architectural photography, or a combination of these.  Perhaps you are developing a special media project for your company or partnering with FiftyTwo45 to create exclusive advertorial content, this new collaborative systems allows us to better facilitate the distinct needs of each of our clients. Drop us a line to begin the process—we look forward to the opportunity to pair you with one of our collaborating photographers.

Current collaborating photographers include: Augusta Sagnelli, Day Still, Elizabeth Perrin, Eugenia Uhl, Imani Khayyam, Marianna Massey, and Ollie Alexander.