About Us


FiftyTwo45 is a full-service talent & creative media agency based in New Orleans. Providing leading talent and creative professionals for the advertising, lifestyle and fashion industries, FiftyTwo45 works with a wide range of both local and national clients, from small businesses to international corporations.

The beauty of FiftyTwo45 is our flexibility; partnering with us gives you access to an agile team of creatives, ready to consult and assist on any aspect your project requires. From collaboration to content creation to full-scale project management, FiftyTwo45 can accommodate the needs of any assignment, no matter the scope.

The Quarterly by FiftyTwo45 is an online publication celebrating the creative in all of us. Full of inspiration, fresh perspective and exclusive content, The Quarterly publishes seasonal stories spanning the fields of fashion, beauty, culture, living, personalities, news and events. Since launching in October 2015, The Quarterly has engaged an audience of young, design-minded consumers with one eye on New Orleans and the other on the international stage. Always visualizing and constantly evolving, we are a community of people creating content that ignites the imagination and adds value to everyday life.


Creative Services

Talent Services  

With a roster of internationally-recognized artists, we match client’s creative needs with leading models, influencers and creative talent in the fields of photography & video, hair, makeup, wardrobe, prop and food styling.

Creative Direction & Brand Strategy  

Merging inspiration, business goals and visual storytelling to create unique brand identities, we are your creative liaisonat every step of the process.

Content Creation & Production 

From editorials and print campaigns, to music videos and television commercials, to social media and native advertising campaigns, we concept and produce compelling content, no matter the scale.





“FiftyTwo45 is my go-to agency in New Orleans. They are organized, prompt and have top-tier talent. On our recent photo shoot in New Orleans, FiftyTwo45 was able to supply us with all of our needs, including hair and makeup stylists, prop stylists, wardrobe stylists and models. I look forward to our next shoot together!” — Kate Robertson, Photo Editor at Southern Living


“Working with FiftyTwo45 was an absolute pleasure – coming in from New York, it was wonderful to have a local resource for on screen talent as well as an amazing wardrobe stylist who really brought our vision to life. Highly recommend!”Natalie Schwan, Director & Producer of Velocity Creatives


“Putting on a major event in a city that’s halfway across the country can be challenging to say the least. Putting on a major event in a city that’s halfway across the country when you have FiftyTwo45 on your side… well, let’s just say that Elizabeth and her team at FiftyTwo45 made all the difference, and made my job 10 times easier.” — Chip Haskell of Love Communications 


“We recently worked with FiftyTwo45 on a special on-location shoot in New Orleans. Not only are the images gorgeous, but they completed the project well within budget and the process was completely seamless and full-service.”Toni Hacker, Designer & Founder of Thacker NYC


About FiftyTwo45 founder Elizabeth Perrin:

“Elizabeth is able to seamlessly meld her fun-loving attitude and personality with her professionalism in everything she’s accomplished. Her New Orleans spirit keeps her relevant and she is forever youthful in her creativity and excitement for the world and people around her. Elizabeth makes work and life seem effortless.” — Emily Davis, Executive Director of Retail & Fashion at Vanity Fair